Blouse addiction

It's no secret but i'm addicted to blouses!
I realised not so long ago whilst going through my wardrobe that I own a lot of shirts/blouses and no t-shirts. I'm just not that sort of girl I think, I like to look feminine and I guess a t-shirt doesn't really give me that 'feminine look'
This is one of my fave shirts! Who doesn't love a paisley print? I bought it from Marks and Spencer from the 'Classic' collection. When I paid for this item the sales assistant actually said "It's amazing what you can find in the old lady section" True story!
I find so many lovely things from M&S, this surprises a lot of my friends! I only ever shop there for clothes when there is a sale on (student!!!) and when I came across this I had to have it, even though its a size 14! The fit is lovely though!

Paisley blouse by Marks & Spencer £17 (sale)

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